School Council

The School Council is busy on behalf of all the pupils

The 2019/20 School Council has been elected.
Hannah Fitzimmons-Thoss has been voted as Chair- all the best to her in her role this year.

Year 6 Representative Hannah Fitzimmons-Thoss (Cadeirydd/Chair)
Year 6 Representative Logan Dicken
Year 5 Representative Elin Evans
Year 5 Representative Cynan Batten
Year 4 Representative Megan Owen
Year 4 Representative Kyle Clayton
Year 3 Representative Ynyr Ap Rhys
Year 3 Representative Jessica Hughes
Year 2 Representative Brooke Baylis
Year 2 Representative Jona Owen
Year 1 Representative Deri Hockley
Year 0 Representative Libby Worthington (Is-gadeirydd ac ysgrifeyddes)
Nursery Representative Leah Angel-Smith


The School Council ailms thos year are:-

  • - Improve road safety
  • - Raise Money for Children In Need and Gafael Llaw
  • - Reduce the use of single use plastic
  • - Continue to promote the use of the Welsh Language around the school

School Council

The school council have been very busy recently revising and discussing their policies and priorities for the forthcoming year. Have a look at our priorities - click here

They have adopted the following policies:

Prevention of Drugs - click here (Welsh only)

Bullying Policy - click here (Welsh only)

Relationships and Growing Up Policy - click here (Welsh only)

Inclusion Policy - click here (Welsh only)

Food and Fitness Policy - click here (Welsh only)


School Council 2018 - 2019


Here are the representatives for this year - good luck to you all with your job.

Click here for more information.

(Welsh only available...)


School Council 2017 - 2018

The School Council have already been very busy this term. This is what they have already achieved:

1. Representing the school in the accreditation for Stage 5 Gwynedd Healthy Schools
2. Representing the school with choosing the name for the sword near Llyn Padarn
3. Arranging activities for Children In Need

Here are the school Council Members for this year- good luck to Charlie in his position as Chairman for this year.

Year 6 Awel Davies (Secretary)
Year 6 Joseff Closs Stacey
Year 5 Josh Ratchford
Year 5 Bella Evans
Year 4 Wil Ratchford
Year 4 Libby Worthington
Year 3 Otto Thomas
Year 3 Esyllt Ach Rhys
Year 2 Non Hughes
Year 2 Arthur Barrett
Year 1 Caio Jones (treasurer)
Year 0 Catrin Morris
Nursery Charlie Jackson (Chairman)

School Council 2016 - 2017



Here are the School Council for this year. Wishing you luck with your work.





Year 6 Dafydd Mullane
Year 6 Cadi Roberts
Year 5 Logan Simkiss Jones
Year 5 Awel Davies
Year 4 Tomos Spencer
Year 4 Cerys Morris
Year 3 Ceian Jones
Year 3 Gwenlli Foulkes
Year 2 Ioan Owen
Year 2 Elin Sian Evans
Year 1 Elain Owen (B6)
Year 0 Cian Huw Jones (B6)
Nursery Nel Hughes Jones (B6)

School Council 2015 - 2016 

Here are the School Council representatives for 2015/6 - they have a very busy year ahead!

Year 6 Caio Thomas (Chairperson)
Year 6 Molly Green (Secretary)
Year 5 Cian Jones
Year 5 Nel Hughes Jones
Year 4 Charlie Jackson
Year 4 Awel Davies
Year 3 Bella
Year 3 Finlay Jackson
Year 2 Meilir Jones
Year 2 Hannah Thoss
Year 1 Cai Jones
Reception Lisa Rowlands
Nursery Guto Selwyn Williams (Treasurer)


Pigion Padarn Summer 2016 - click here

The School Council meet regularly and have already discussed these aspects this Term:

Welsh Language charter- ideas on how to gain the Gold Award
Sports Relief - fund raising ideas
Pigion Padarn - Magazine to be publisher before Easter
Attendance - ideas on improving attendance and punctuality.
World Book Day
St David’s Day

School Council 2014 - 2015 

Year 6 Melody Haston Wilson CHAIRPERSON and Caio Price
Year 5 Jack Booth and Ffion Harland
Year 4 Dafydd Mullane and Elain Owen
Year 3 Caio Jones and Catrin Morris
Year 2 Zoe Hayward and Sam Booth
Year 1 Elin Haf Morgan
Reception Ioan Williams TREASURER
Nursery Cadi Thomas SECRETARY


Healthy School



The School Council have been very busy helping children to learn all about healthy eating. They have decided to choose one health lunch box each day.




Welsh Language Charter - School Council



The School Council have been busy collecting evidence so that the school gains the Gold award for the Welsh Charter this year. They have decided to choose one child from each class that has made a particular effort to use the Welsh language socially.


Welsh Language Charter

The School Council members represented the school at an event recently. The school was awarded with its Bronze award for promoting the Welsh Language. There were various workshops and performances throughout the day.


Cyngor Ysgol
The School Council 2013 - 2014
Voting for the new
School Council members


Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Charlie Jackson
Dewi Jones
Joe Chester
Ruby Wood
Sion Huw Owen
Annie Chester
Nel Hughes Jones
Eira Daimond
Billy Jones
Elin Tomos
Nursery Class Representative - Alun Owen
Reception Class Representative - Natalie Meek
Year 1 Representative - Charlie Panton


Spring Term 2013

Meeting March 1st 2013

- Comic Relief
- World Book Day
- Behaviour
- The Welsh Language on the playground

Autumn Term 2012

Council Meeting November 15th
1. Children In Need a success- a generous contribution will be sent from the school.
2. Report from the Languagae Charter representatives following their class visits.
3. Thank you letters read - Padarn Lake hotel and Mountain Rescue Llanberis.
4. Language Charter representatives to write a report following a playground observation.


School Council meeting October 26th 2012
1. Children In Need activities - each class to discuss their chosen theme.
2.Blue chair sacks - children have asked for these to be reintroduced.
3.Suggestion box for the School council to be placed by the notice board.
4. Fruit shop - discussions how to persuade more children to buy fruit.
5.Choose Welsh Language Charter representatives.


First meeting September 21:

1.Vote for Chairperson/ Secretary and Treasurer
2. Discuss Buddy system
3. Discuss Fruit Shop
4. Discuss yard rota - click here
5. Discuss rewards at playtime



Members of the School Council

Elections for the School Council for the 2012/2013 school year have now been held. Two pupils represent each year group within the Juniors and one Year 6 pupils represents each of the Infant years.

cyngor ysgol
Year 6 Osian Davies and Ceri Jones Chairperson
Year 5 Lois Ball and Charlie Panton
Year 4 Cadi Thomas and Caio Price
Year 3 Molly Chisholm and Kyle Owen
Year 2 Nel Hughes Jones
Year 1 Ben Davies Secretary
Reception Nicole Evans Treasurer
Nursery Osian Evans

Class Councils

The class councils will contribute towards the work of the School Council on a regular basis.

Years 5 / 6 Ben / Nicole / Osian Evans / Osian Davies (School Council) /
Ceri Jones (School Council)
Years 4 / 5 Cadi ( Cyngor Ysgol) / Jac / Charlie (School Council) /
Lois (School Council)
Years 3 / 4 Kyle( Cyngor Ysgol) / Moly Anwen (School Council) / Melody /
Caio Price (School Council) / Hazel
Year 2 Nel Hughes Jones (School Council) / Cian Jones (School Council)


Spring/Summer Term 2013

The council members have discussed many aspects of school life such as:-

- Red Nose Day- organising a disco for all pupils in order to raise money

- Create a magazine called Pigion Padarn to be sold at school

- Promote the Fruit shop


The School Council have been extremely busy recently and have written policies on behalf of the children of the school. The council members take their responsibilities very seriously and understand the importance of what is taught at school with regards to the well-being of all pupils.

Here are the policies written by the School Council.

Strategic Equality Plan 2012 – 2016

Policy on Sex Education and Relationships

Policy on Drugs and Alcohol Prevention

Policy on Food and Fitness


Summer Term 2012

The School Council members have been busy this term and have made decisions

1. Forming a Playground Timetable
2. Discussing Trips and Visits
3. Discussing Homework dates


Here are two members of the School Council in their Playground Buddy outfits.

The Buddies are responsible and caring children and are very good at sharing and solving problems.

Buddies will report any incidents or problems to teaching staff.