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Gwybodaeth o Siarter Iaith Gymraeg Ysgolion Cynradd Gwynedd:

Mae Siarter Iaith Gymraeg Ysgolion Cynradd Gwynedd yn deillio o waith manwl y Gweithgor Dylanwadu ar Ddefnydd Cymdeithasol Plant o'r Gymraeg. Ei phrif ddiben yw sicrhau bod y Gymraeg, a defnydd cymdeithasol ein plant a phobl ifanc ohoni yn ffynnu.

Beth yw manteision Sirarter Iaith Gymraeg yr AALL?

Mae datblygu gafael ar iaith lafar gref yn mynd i ddylanwadu ar ansawdd cyrhaeddiad addysgol, ac mae pob ymchwil yn dangos bod disgyblion sy'n hyderus ddwyieithog yn cyflawni'n dda. Ni ellir anwybyddu canfyddiadau o'r fath, felly, caiff y cynllun ei hyrwyddo a'i gefnogi gennym. Gwler y linc yma am fwy o wybodaeth

The drowning of Capel Celyn

Hanes Boddi Capel Celyn Hanes Boddi Capel Celyn

Mr Walter Williams and his grand-daughter Buddug Roberts vistied the school recently to talk to the children about the events of Capel Celyn in the 1960’s and its effect on Wales and the Welsh people. The children all listened attentively and asked many questions. Here is a very special cup from Capel Celyn kept as a family heirloom by Mr Williams.

Mr Dafydd Iwan also came to school to talk about his memories of the time. The children particularly enjoyed singing with him and the favourite was of course ‘Yma o hyd.’ I’m sure staff and children will remember this very unique experience.


Urdd Eisteddfod

Eisteddfod Yr Urdd

The children and staff have been extremely busy again this year and the competition was as fierce as ever. The choir, two-voice party and action song are all through to the County Eisteddfod as well as Bella competeing on her clarinet.

The band came 2nd, ensemble and recitation party came 3rd. Elin Mair Harmer also won 2nd place on her flute.

Well done to all competing individually for the first time this year.


Reading For Wales

Ymgyrch Darllen Dros Gymru Ymgyrch Darllen Dros Gymru

Two teams were entered into this year’s competition and they both read two novels for the occasion, ‘Na Nel Wps’ and ‘Llanast.’ This is a competition promoted by the library and is aimed at encouraging readers to read Welsh books and to make use of their library. We look forward eagerly to hear the results.


Trychfilod Blwyddyn 3

Cleddyf Y Tywysogion

Here are the Bug Hotels created as homework by year 3 pupils. they shall be displayed in the school garden and we shall see which creatures choose to live in them. We shall compare this with the insects found at Coed Doctor

Picture of year 3 in the rain at Coed Doctor!

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Owain Glyndŵr show

Cleddyf Y Tywysogion

The one man show Glyndŵr came to school recently to give an insight of the battles fought by one of our Welsh legends. The children enjoyed the show and were all speaking about it all day.

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Theatric Performance

The children enjoyed a performance discussing the Welsh Government’s initiative to reach a million Welsh Speakers by 2050 recently. The children thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the ‘Welsh Not’ and the translating of the Bible.


Christmas Show Photos

Here are the photos taken during the Christmas shows recently. A DVD is available from the school for £8.

Llew Frenin Nadolig 2017


Llew Frenin Nadolig 2017 - click here





Llys Lloerig Nadolig 2017


Llys Lloerig Nadolig 2017 - click here






Mewn Cymeriad Show: Mimosa

Cleddyf Y Tywysogion

The pupils recently enjoyed the show about the story of the Mimosa’s journey. This was of huge assistance when developing the pupils awareness of adventurers and explorers from Wales..

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Welsh Language Charter Ambassadors



Here are the children responsible for the Welsh Language Charter this year- good luck with your responsibilities.






Language Charter Poster




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Music Of The Week



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The Music Of Wales

As a part of the school’s Welsh Language Charter- all classes have been listening to Welsh music recently. We have enjoyed the school council’s choice of Alun Tan Lan, Bryn Fon and Candelas so far.


Snowdon Rocks 2017

(Welsh only available...)

Bu disgyblion y cor yn perfformio yn nigwyddiad Snowdon Rocks (Awyr Las) yn ddiweddar- dyma ddetholiad o'u caneuon sef cymysgedd o emynau traddodiadol cymreig a chaneuon yr Eisteddfod. Bu iddynt ganu yr hen ffefryn 'Safwn Yn y Bwlch' gan hogia'r Wyddfa hefyd. Diolch i bawb am eu cefnogaeth ar y diwrnod.


Snowdon Rocks 2016

Children from the school sang during this event recently and succeeded in raising £160 for Mike Peter’s Gafael Llaw fund. Thank you to all for contributing. Here are clips of the songs.



Siarter Iaith Champion

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Siarter Iaith Champion 08/07/2016



Wythnos Cymru Cwl

The school were very busy during Cymru Cwl this year- here are some of the activities.

Cymru Cwl Activities - click here



Author - Llyr Titus

Llyr Titus came to school recently to discuss his novel ‘Gwalia’. The children were given the opportunity to read him read a chapter or two as well as work on a piece of creative writing with him. Who knows, he might have inspired the next generation of authors!


Welsh Language Charter

The school is extremely proud to announce that it has received the Gold Welsh Language award. This achievement is due to the dedication of staff, children and parents. Diolch.


Two Languages ... Twice the choice



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Eisteddfod Ysgol Dolbadarn May 2016


The Foundation Phase children celebrated their own Eisteddfod recently. Each child performed by dancing, singing or reciting and the standard was very high. We look forward to seeing these pupils compete at the Eisteddfod in the future.





Gwynedd Schools Welsh Language Charter

plant plant

The children have worked hard toward receiving the Gold Award for the Welsh Language Charter. They are promoting the use of the Welsh Language socially on the playground and in the community. The School council have decided to produce stickers that could be displayed in shop windows so that children are persuades to use their ‘Welsh first’. The school would like to thank local businesses for their support- look out for the stickers when shopping locally.

Here are photos of the children visiting the two hairdressers in the village.

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Author Angharad Tomos visit

The children enjoyed learning about the work of Angharad Tomos the author- they asked many questions and were able to purchase some of her books on the day.


Urdd Football

The boys and girls football teams did well in the Urdd tournaments recently- they represented their school excellently. Thank you to the Friends of The School for their kind donation towards the purchase of the kit. The children look very professional.


Glan Llyn

Year 5+ 6 children visited Glan llyn for an adventure packed weekend recently. They all came back very tired but full of stories! Thank you to the members of staff for volunteering to supervise the children.




St David’s Day
The Urdd children were given a special party in order to thank them for their hard work with all the Urdd and Eisteddfod activities this year.

Here are some of the children celebrating St David’s Day.







February 2016
Congratulations to all the children and staff for their hard work in ensuring the school’s Silver award for the Welsh Language charter presented at a special ceremony by the Chairman of Gwynedd council recentl. There is a new challenge ahead to ensure we receive the Gold Award next year.


October 2015
The children watched a one man show about Owain Glyndŵr recently and were inspired by the performance. This session is a part of our Welsh Language Charter.


Welsh Language Charter - School Council



The School Council have been busy collecting evidence so that the school gains the Gold award for the Welsh Charter this year. They have decided to choose one child from each class that has made a particular effort to use the Welsh language socially.


Gweithgareddau Dosbarth Derbyn 2015 (Welsh Only)

Rydym wedi bod yn trafod Dewi Sant

Dyma ni yn cyfrif y llysiau ar gyfer gwneud cawl dydd Gwyl Dewi. Dyma ni yn adio y llysiau.

Dyma ni yn ysgrifennu neges bwysig Dewi Sant.

Dyma ni yn ysgrifennu cyfarwyddiadau gwneud cawl gan ddefnyddio geirfa gorchmynol.


Dyma ni yn lliwio’r ddraig goch. Dyma ni yn ateb cwestiynau am fywyd Dewi Sant.

Dyma ni yn ysgrifennu ffeithiau am fywyd Santes Dwynwen.


Gweithgareddau Blwyddyn 1 2015 (Welsh Only)

Ar ddechrau’r flwyddyn croesawyd Dilwyn y ddraig i’r dosbarth. Mae’r plentyn sydd yn cael ei ddewis i wisgo’r bathodyn cymraeg yn cael cwmni’r ddraig am y diwrnod. Mae Dilwyn yn gwrando’n astud  ar y disgyblion sydd yn ymdrechu’n galed i siarad Cymraeg ac yn defnyddio  idiom wythnosol y dosbarth yn ogystal â gwefreiriau wrth sgwrsio.

Fel rhan o’n thema ‘Cestyll’ bu’r disgyblion yn dysgu am hanes Cymru ac yn am fywyd enwogion fel Llywelyn Ein Llyw Olaf. Cafodd y disgyblion gyfleoedd i chwarae rôl a chymeryd rhan mewn gweithgareddau sedd boeth.

Bu disgyblion y dosbarth yn coginio cacenni cri i ddathlu dydd Gwyl Dewi. Cawsant fwynhad wrth drefnu’r cyfarwyddiadau a dysgu am ferfau gorchmynnol wrth baratoi cacenni blasus.

Yn ystod y sesiynau canu bu’r disgyblion yn dysgu’r gân ‘Dwi’n Gymro, Dwi’n Gymraes’. Adnodd lleisiol sydd ar gael ar Hwb yw ‘Rimbojam’.

Yn dilyn y sesiynau aethpwyd ati i astudio geiriau’r gân mewn mwy o fanylder gan edrych yn benodol ar y geiriau oedd yn gysylltiedig â Chymru.



Ardal Chwarae Rôl.

Wrth astudio’r testun ‘Eisteddfod Gwlad y Rwla’ gan Angharad Thomas roedd cyfle i drafod y traddodiad eisteddfodol yng Nghymru. Penderfynodd y disbyglion yr hoffent newid yr ardal chwarae rôl yn lwyfan eisteddfod.

Cynhaliwyd ffug eisteddfod yn ddyddiol. Roedd hyn yn cynnig cyfleoedd i ddisgyblion ymarfer y darnau llefaru/ canu yr oedd angen eu dysgu ar gyfer eisteddfod yr Urdd. Roedd y beirniaid yn anghytuno ar brydiau ond roedd y disgyblioyn wrth eu bodd yn derbyn tystysgrifau a rhubanau am eu hymdrechion.


Gweithgareddau Blwyddyn 2 - Uned o waith yn seiliedig ar Dewi Sant

stori ar ffurf comic
Bu’r disgyblion yn darllen ac yn
astudio’r gerdd ’Hunaniaeth’ ac
trafod beth sydd yn
unigryw i ni fel Cymry.
Roedd cyfle hefyd i gofnodi hanes
Dewi Sant ar ffurf stribed cartŵn.
Bu’r disgyblion yn darllen eu gwaith
i weddill y dosbarth.
llyfr mathemateg
Tasg yn yr ardal fathemateg.
(Y Pôs Cymreig)

Roedd hi’n ofynnol i’r disgyblion fynd ati i weithio mewn parau gan geisio datrys y pôs Cymreig. Y nod oedd ceisio darganfod beth oedd gwerth pob llun ym mhob colofn.


' Make me Welsh'
Gwych oedd gweld rhaglen deledu ' Make me Welsh' a gafodd ei ddarlledu nos Fercher 03/06/15 yn olrhain hanes Maddie Hayward a ddaeth o Awstralia i Lanber i fyw. Roedd y rhaglen yn dilyn sut bu i Maddie fynd ati i ddysgu'r iaith Gymraeg ac ymgartrefu o fewn ein cymuned. Yn sicr mae'r rhaglen yn ysbrydoliaeth i unrhyw berson sydd yn ymgartrefu yma yng Nghymru ac yn mynd ati i ddysgu'r iath. Braf oedd gweld gymaint o rieni oedd mor frwdfrydig tuag at yr iaith a gweld pwysigrwydd i barchu ein hiaith a'n treftadaeth. Llongyfarchiadau mawr. Cliciwch yma i weld y rhaglen


Llongyfarchiadau i griw can actol Ysgol Dolbadarn a ddaeth yn ail yn yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol yng Nghaerffili. Y thema oedd 'Caer'. Prif neges y gan actol oedd pwysigrwdd i ni fel cenedl warchod ein hiaith ac i barchu a gwerthfawrogi ein diwylliant a'n treftadaeth.


ardal ddarganfod
Gweithgareddau yn y Dosbarth Meithrin
Ardal Darganfod - Dysgu am Gymru
plant meithrin
Dathlu Dydd Gwyl Dewi 2015
Dathlu Diwrnod y Llyfr 2015


y cor
plant y gan actol
Eisteddfod Yr Urdd 2015 - Plant y côr yn perfformio i blant yr Ysgol
Eisteddfod Yr Urdd 2015 - Disgyblion yn perfformio y Gân Actol 'Caer' mewn cyngerdd yn y Ganolfan yn ddiweddar
diwrnod y llyfr
Disgyblion yn dathlu Diwrnod y Llyfr 2015 drwy wisgo fel cymeriad o lyfr
Perfformiad o 'Shabwm'
- Cwmni Theatr Fran Wen
Gwyl Ddewi 2015 - Bu'r disgyblion yn dathlu eto eleni
gan wisgo eu crys coch neu gwisgoedd traddodiadol
Disgyblion yn astudio cyfnod y Celtiaid ac yn arbrofi gyda gwisgoedd


Language Charter representatives:-
Jack Booth
Ffion Harland


Welsh Language Charter Bronze Award

The School Council members represented the school at an event recently. The school was awarded with its Bronze award for promoting the Welsh Language. There were various workshops and performances throughout the day.


siarter iaith poster

Ysgol Dolbadarn's Language Charter aims to increase the number of pupils that speak Welsh socially.

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Siarter Iaith

The School Council have discussed aspects of The Welsh Language charter recently and Welsh Language Charterhave designed a poster to remindthe children of the priorities for this year.

Two school council members have been responsible for the Charter this year.